– domain modeling in the Cloud, made easy


Más is a Web-based workbench for

  1. creating and maintaining domain-specific modeling languages,
  2. creating and maintaining domain models and
  3. Activating these in a useful way.

Más is a tool to bring the power of domain modeling to everyone, by providing an easy-to-use Web application that is also a Cloud service.

"Más" stands for "Model as a Service" which is a play on SaaS - "Software as a Service".


Domain Models Activation
Finance Sets of financial products, such as mortgage, insurance and pension products Generation of downstream code
Engineering Hardware configurations Determination of crack propagation
Business processes Process models Export to BPM tools
Software Development User interaction test suites Export as Selenium scripts

Why model

By capturing your precious domain knowledge in a format that is both human-readable and machine-processable and resides in the Cloud, you get the following benefits:

What to model

Are you using a spreadsheet to capture data and knowledge that's essential to your business or organization? Do you regularly cart off a stack of documentation, specifications or requirements to an IT department or group of developers and the result coming back is not what you'd thought it would be? Do you see a fair amount of duplication in your code base and feel you could be doing things smarter if only you had your own tools? Chances are good that you can model your intellectual property, your (rule-based) business processes or universally useful insights using Más.

How to model

First, you pick a modeling language which suits your needs. If there isn't one, you can develop your own language in parallel with your model. A custom language is "just another model", modeled in Más' proprietary language definition language so you create, edit and maintain it just the same way as a regular model. Then, you start modeling away - it's as easy and simple as that. Modeling is largely self-explanatory: the model editor works quite intuitively and you can dial up hints and consult documentation at any time.


Activation is the Más concept which allows you to do something with your models. You specify how a model is to be activated as part of the model. Activation can be anything from exposure of your model in a XML or JSON format by a Web service to more intricate services like full code generation, if you like with integration to your continuous integration/deployment scenario.